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Brazilian psychologist at SUAS: how many and where are we?

The Unique System of Social Assistance (USSA) caused expansion and interiorization of the profession in the whole country. This study aims to map the presence of the psychologist in Social Assistance, identifying how many and where are we acting in this policy. An exploratory-descriptive study was realized, of quantitative nature, having as source of collection, organization and systematization of the data , the National Cadastre (CadSUAS). Among the results, it is identified that Brazil counts with 7,607 CRAS and 2,155 CREAS distributed in 5,565 cities. There are 8,079 psychologists in USSA (6,022 in CRAS and 2,057 in CREAS). The northeast stands out with the major number of psychologists in CRAS (2,252) and the southeast in CREAS (706). Moreover, 92.9% of SUAS psychologists acts in inner cities. Through this, SUAS is understood as an important device of capillarisation of Brazilian psychologist action for small and medium size cities of the country.

Reference center of the social assistance; Specialist Referral Center of Social Assistance; interiorization of the actions of psychologists

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