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Partner Interaction Questionnaire: Validation study for smokers and former smokers

The aim of this present study is to validate an adapted version of the Partner Interaction Questionnaire (PIQ), an instrument that assesses the support, to stop smoking, provided by the partner. An adapted version of the PIQ for smokers and former smokers is presented. Participants were 224 smokers (52.7% female and 47.3% male and 31.4% female; mean age: 28.6 years; DP=8.69) and 169 former-smokers (68.6% male; mean age=43.10 years; DP=13.02). Results showed a good internal consistency for positive scale (Cronbach's alfa: 0.73) and the negative scale (Cronbach's alfa: 0.77). The validation study revealed the presence of two factors explaining 43.36% of the variance. The instrument presents good construct validity, with positive correlations with dyadic adjustment and mental quality of life and negatively with depression. The adapted version of PIQ seems to be a good indicator of partner s’ support presenting the necessary conditions for its application in smokers and former-smokers with the potential of being useful in intervention programs targeted for smoking cessation and abstinence maintenance.

Adaptation; smoking; questionnaire

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