Speech fluency profile in cluttering individuals

BACKGROUND: speech fluency in cluttering. AIM: to characterize and to compare the speech fluency in cluttering and fluent individuals. METHOD: participants of this investigation were 14 individuals with ages between 8.0 and 40.11 years, of both genders, divided into two groups, paired by age and gender. GI was composed by 7 cluttering individuals and GII by 7 fluent individuals. The Speech Fluency Assessment Protocol was used to gather and to analyze the speech samples, taking into consideration the typology and frequency of speech disruption (SLD and OD) and speech rate, in words and syllables per minute. RESULTS: data showed that the groups differed regarding the occurrence of the stuttering-like disfluencies and other disfluencies, number of words and syllables per minute. CONCLUSION: cluttering individuals present a different fluency profile when compared to their fluent pairs.

Speech; Language and Hearing Sciences; Speech; Diagnosis

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