Martinho da Vila: a new lineage of Brazilian samba in the 1970s

After an initial career as a composer on samba schools, Martinho da Vila made his debut in music industry with the release of his first LP in 1969. This article discusses the first track of Martinho's album, which combines three sambas of his own: Boa noite [Good evening], Carnaval de ilusões [Illusions carnival] (in partnership with Gemeu) and Caramba [Wow]. Through analytical notes on their arrangement, their lyrics, its melody and its harmony along with the observation of the historical context in which it was produced, we seek to reveal some meanings of that phonogram, perceiving it as an expression of ideas and values presented for popular music artists in the transition of the 1960's to the 1970's.

popular music; samba; partido-alto; tradition

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