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Circular cidade: poetics and groove in the musical expression of four groups from the mangue (mangrove) of northeastern Brazil

Introduction to the phenomenon consisting of three music groups from Aracaju (Brazil) -Sulanca, Naurêa, Maria Scombona - and one group from Recife (Brazil) -Chico Science e Nação Zumbi, which developed a musical hybridization based on local and regional elements on one hand, and transnational elements on the other. The musicians and their fans are constructing an own sense of locale, stressing the characteristics of the region where they live, with its musical traditions, the current verbal arts, the regional Portuguese, and the playful character of the different musical expressions. This study aims at providing an alternative vision of a specific cultural space, the mangue (mangrove) region of Aracaju and Recife, focusing on different kinds of artistic expressions, the discourse of the musicians who are influenced by urban life, regional cultural expressions and non-brazilian - or transnational - musical trends.

performance; musical discourse; verbal art; poetics; Brazilian popular music; mangue music

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