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Analysys of the production planning and control under the view of the Complexity Theory

In this work the production planning and control (PPC) system of the organizations is analyzed under the concepts of the Complexity Theory. This theory suggests that the systems must be observed as complex adaptive systems (CASs). These kinds of systems have as basic property the ability to adjust their behavior to deal with new situations on their environment. A case study was applied to two organizations, looking forward to identify typical aspects of CASs on the PPC systems of the organizations. The results showed that the Complexity Theory implications are present in the routines of production planning and control of the organizations It was possible to identify situations where the Complexity aspects helped to solve problems on the PPC. However, the Complexity aspects can be more developed on the PPC systems. In this way, these systems can answer faster the changes that happen on their environment.

Production systems; PPC; Complexity Theory

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