Risk management for companies focused on innovation processes

Ana Paula Beck da Silva Etges Joana Siqueira de Souza Francisco José Kliemann NetoAbout the authors


Risk is inherent to the activities of technology and innovation companies and to manage them represent an opportunity to improve the company capability to achieve its goals. The use of ERM models has been studied since the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission guides. This article adapted the MIGGRI model for the context of an innovation company from a TSP in Brazil. Using a case study and a review from previous ERM literature, the article show that is possible to measure the risks that an innovation company faces, and that they may be managed with a view to supporting a company’s strategy. Were applied an economic analysis based on a MCS and an indicator of CFaR were applied to measure innovation risks. A strategic performance model for innovation companies are proposed and the benefit to implement Risk Management practices in innovation organizations was validated.

Enterprise Risk Management; Monte Carlo Simulation; Economic risk analysis; Innovation management; Strategic performance

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