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Enhancing Organizational Project Management Maturity: a framework based on the value focused thinking model


Although organizational project management maturity models have been well explored, they have been criticized as being ineffective as firms continue to face difficulties in improving their project management practices. Based on a literature review, an alternative methodology was developed, and the arguments for the proposal were analyzed. The analysis demonstrated the importance of integrating a decision making model to develop initiatives toward project management institutionalization appropriate to the organizational context and strategies. This paper proposes a method for the maturity process supported by a problem structuring model: Value-Focused Thinking. This method integrates a reflective analysis into the maturity evaluation process to provide more efficient action plans. The proposed approach provides a new perspective for assessing and planning organizational project management maturity in terms of concentrating on the alignment with organizational strategies. A case study is presented to illustrate its applicability.

Decision making; Organizational project management; Maturity models; Problem structuring models

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