Work values' scale: WVS

Juliana Barreiros Porto Álvaro Tamayo About the authors

The international literature presents some work values scales, although the majority has definitional problems or lacks integration with the personal values theoretical models. In Brazil we identified two scales, one was not validated to Brazilian population and the other was validated to low educational level individuals. The objective of this study was to develop and validate a Work Values' Scale. Questionnaires in the literature as well as interview were used to develop the scale. After peer analysis and semantic validation, 394 people answered the questionnaire. The factor analysis yielded four factors: Realization at work, Social relations, Prestige and Stability. 45 items composed the final questionnaire. The results corroborate the theory and we conclude that the scale developed was well validated and may be used to research and diagnostic purposes.

values; work values; scale; validation

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