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Self-knowledge and liberty in radical behaviorism

The present article corresponds to a theoretical study on the concept of self-knowledge and freedom in radical behaviorism, with the objective to argue the relation between these concepts. After discussing the definition of self-knowledge and its social origin, Skinner's vision of freedom is approached. The existence of freedom depends on the self-knowledge, and this is the linking between the two terms. The conclusion is that nobody can free of this control, but with self-knowledge, it's possible to modify the environment and change coercive controls for positive reinforcement and thus, achieve a better quality of life.

Self-knowledge; Freedom; Radical behaviorism

Universidade de São Francisco, Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Psicologia R. Waldemar César da Silveira, 105, Vl. Cura D'Ars (SWIFT), Campinas - São Paulo, CEP 13045-510, Telefone: (19)3779-3771 - Campinas - SP - Brazil