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Genetic evaluation of vaccine against bovine brucellosis marketed in Brazil

Vaccine strains B19 and RB51 are administered to cattle for prevention against infection by Brucella abortus. However, there are reports that these vaccines can cause miscarriages. Thus, every miscarriage among vaccinated animals should be thoroughly studied to determine the cause. In Brazil, there are no records on the origin of B19 and RB51 samples used in the preparation of commercial vaccines. Therefore, a study is needed to determine possible mutations in relation to the USDA reference samples of B. abortus due to the fact that vaccine samples could revert to the virulence of the disease. The aim of the present study was to perform a genotype analysis of vaccine strains B19 and RB51 used in Brazil. The methodology was based on the genotyping of marker genes of these vaccine strains by amplification using polymerase chain reaction. The results allowed the identification of the genotype of the B19 and RB51 commercial vaccine available for use on cattle in Brazil. The absence of mutations in the samples tested confirmed the genetic quality of the vaccines and stability of genes analyzed.

Brucella abortus; brucellosis; vaccine; B19; RB51; genotyping; genetic quality

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