Outbreaks of Proliferative Haemorrhagic Enteropathy (Lawsonia intracelullaris) in swine in Rio de Janeiro state

Ticiana N. França Carlos T. Ribeiro Pedro S. Bezerra Jr Jürgen Döbereiner Valíria D. Cerqueira Paulo V. Peixoto About the authors

Outbreaks of infection of swine with Lawsonia intracelullaris in the state of Rio de Janeiro are described. The symptomathology was characterized by bloody diarrhea with peracute course. Postmortem findings were pale organs and tissues, reticulate aspect of the ileum with its mucosa moderately thickened nad contained large amounts of partially coagulated blood. Histopathological examination revealed hyperplastic epithelial cell proliferation of the Lieberkühn crypts, sometimes associated with inflammatory and necrotic alterations. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated the presence of large amounts of bacteria in the cytoplasm of the cryptal epithelial cells. L. intracellularis was also seen by ultramicroscopic examination. These outbreaks occurred in 1987 and this is the first report of the disease in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Lawsonia intracellularis; Proliferative Haemorrhagic Enteropathy; swine; Rio de Janeiro

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