Feline injection site sarcoma: computed-tomographic density and assessment of tumor dimensions by different methods

Sarcoma de aplicação felino: avaliação da densidade tomográfica e das dimensões tumorais por diferentes métodos

Karen Maciel Zardo Lucas Petri Damiani Julia Maria Matera Ana Carolina B.C. Fonseca-Pinto About the authors


Feline injection site sarcoma is a malignant neoplasm with digitiform projections into muscular planes that are ill recognized during physical examination and may compromise tumor margin demarcation. This study compared tumoral size of 32 cats measured by different methods, and evaluated the CT density of 10 tumoral tissues (Hounsfield unit) based on histograms. Tumor axes were measured by physical examination and CT images. Larger craniocaudal axis measurements were obtained following multiplanar reconstruction of pre- and post-contrast CT images (p=0.049 and p=0.041 respectively); dorsoventral axis measurements taken from post-contrast CT images were also larger (p=0.010). Tumor volume estimates increased following contrast-enhancement. Histograms tended to produce two peaks: one in the fat and another in the soft tissue attenuation range. Multiplanar reconstructed post-contrast CT images provided clearer definition of tumor margins and more judicious determination of tumor size. A tendency of common FISS attenuation profile could be described.

Feline injection-site sarcoma; tumoral density; computed tomographic; tumoral dimension

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