Evaluation of physiological parameters of dogs submitted to uterine lymphatic mapping using patent blue V dye for anaphylaxis detection

Avaliação de parâmetros fisiológicos de cães submetidos ao mapeamento linfático uterino usando o corante azul patente V para a detecção de anafilaxia

Rebeca C. Justino Guilherme S. Cardoso Luiz G.C. Trautwein Rubens I.A. Alves Karina K.M.C. Flaiban Maria Isabel M. Martins About the authors


Lymphatic mapping has been performed in humans and dogs. Although several cases of anaphylaxis have been reported in humans, there are no such reports in dogs. The objective of this study was to identify the occurrence of adverse reactions to patent blue V dye in bitches undergoing uterine lymphatic mapping procedures using cardiovascular and hematological evaluations. The experiment was performed in 14 mongrel bitches without any reproductive disease, randomly assigned into two equal groups (PBV- uterine lynphatic mapping and OHE; Control - OHE only). The animals were submitted to pre- and postoperative hematological and serum biochemistry exams (7 days). The anesthetic protocol was: sedation (morphine and acepromazine), induction (propofol), maintenance (isoflurane), transoperative analgesia (fentanyl). Systolic blood pressure was monitored throughout the procedure and arterial blood gas analysis was performed immediate pre and postoperatively. For lymphatic mapping was injected patent blue V in the uterine wall, 10 minutes before OEH. Comparisons between the pre- and postoperative parameters within the same animal were performed using the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test. To compare the values between control and PBV group was obtaining the difference between the pre and post of each group, subjected to the Mann-Whitney test (significance of 5%). Differences were observed (P<0.05) between the pre- and postoperative evaluations in the PBV (total protein and the albumin serum), in both groups (arterial partial pressure of oxygen) and in the Control (arterial oxygen saturation). There were no signs of adverse reactions to the patent blue V dye in the healthy bitches submitted to lymphatic uterine mapping.

Uterine lymphatic mapping; patent blue V dye; anaphylaxis; hypersensitivity; bitches; vital dye.

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