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Farmers' perception about parasitic otitis in Gyr breed from three states of Brazil

Percepção de criadores de Gir a respeito da otite parasitária de bovinos em três estados brasileiros, 2009

Patrícia V.B. Leite Lucas M. Cunha Paulo Roberto Oliveira Luiza B. Leite Romário C. Leite About the authors

This study aimed to know the perception of Gir cattle breeders and farm employees about parasitic otitis and practices regarding methods of treatment and control. A questionnaire was applied on specific topics about the disease. The results showed that the otitis occurred in 25 (89.3%) of the 28 farms studied, where the main etiologic agents were the nematodes Rhabditis spp. The majority of the farmers regarded the disease as a serious problem, mainly in cattle older than eight years of age. About half of the respondents did not observe a correlation between season and prevalence of the otitis; however, 30.8% reported an increase of its incidence during the rainy season. In addition to various methods and products for the rhabditiosis treatment, a lack of standardized preventive or curative protocols was found, suggesting insufficient knowledge about control of the disease.

Otitis; prophylactic practices; parasites; nematodes; Rhabditis spp.; questionnaire

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