Pelvimetry of multiparous Nellore cows in the cycling and early puerperal stages

Pelvimetria de vacas pluríparas da raça Nellore em estágio cíclico e início do puerpério

Regina Lucia S. Silva Wagner D.C. Oliveira Daniel Biagiotti Guilherme José B.C. Ferreira About the authors


Pelvis is an osteoligamentous complex, which is classified as dolichopellic in ruminants. Impairments linked to incompatibility of pelvic canal and fetal size is directly related to pelvic anatomy and disposition. Heritability of pelvic area characteristics varies from moderate to high, demonstrating its importance for animal selection. Pelvimetry can be performed through direct and indirect methods that were accessed in this study aiming to establish a correlation between internal and external pelvic dimensions in multiparous Nellore cows (26 animals) at cycling and early puerperal (up to 30 days postpartum) reproductive stages. Pelvic dimensions measured by descriptive analysis were higher at early puerperal stage. Strong Pearson’s correlation was determined between internal and external pelvic dimensions, between reproductive stages, and between pelvic girdle area and internal pelvic area. Significant Tukey’s test differences between animals in internal and external dimensions were also found. According to the results, the pelvic anatomy of Nellore cows varies according to their reproductive stage. We detach that and provide data regarding the use of internal pelvic area for animal selection studies on this breed is determined and should be measured using the proposed formula, since it can confirm statistical differences in the areas of pelvic components between animals in the cycling and early puerperal stages.

Pelvimetry; pluriparous cows; Nellore cows; cyclic stage; puerperium stage; cattle; pelvis; tocology

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