Physical and serum cortisol levels evaluation of Nelore newborn calves born by normal and laborious parturition

Everton R.F. Gasparelli Diogo G. Camargo Rodrigo Yanaka Luiz C.N. Mendes Juliana R. Peiró Fernanda Bovino Sílvia H.V. Perri Francisco L.F. Feitosa About the authors

The purpose of present study was to evaluate the vitality and the serum levels of cortisol from newborn calves by normal and laborious deliveries, and to obtain the distocia register in Nelore embryo recipient cows. Three hundred ten calves were evaluated. The register of 38 dystocic calvings (38/310) and 8 abortions (8/310) were observed. In newborn animals the morbity and mortality rates were 77.93% and 3.44%, respectively. Calves born after long dystocic calving, lasting 4-6 hours, showed the highest mean values of respiratory frequency and serum cortisol levels. Animals born after laborious calving presented higher rectal temperature than those born at normal calving. The APGAR score showed that 90% calves had signs of dullness independent of parturition type.

Calf; calving; cortisol; score APGAR

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