Effects of organic and inorganic copper and sulphur supplementation on blood biochemical parameters in sheep

Renata M.C. Conti Marcus A. Zanetti Arlindo Saran Netto Paulo H.M. Rodrigues Jose C.G. Pacheco Carmen M.L.P. Garrine Carolina Y.C. Yoshikawa About the authors


Minerals are essential components in the diet, exercising various functions in the animal. There are many studies to find better results for the organic sources of minerals, and one of the reasons for that is to avoid the negative interactions. The metabolic profile helps in assessment of production indices, therefore analyzes blood biochemical components. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of organic and inorganic copper and sulphur supplementation on blood biochemical parameters in sheep. The experiment was conducted at the FZEA/USP. Total 40 weaned sheep were divided in a completely randomized design with 10 treatments: 1) basal diet; 2) basal diet plus Mo; 3) basal diet + inorganic Cu + inorganic S; 4) basal diet + inorganic Cu + organic S; 5) basal diet + organic Cu + inorganic S; 6) basal diet + organic Cu + organic S; 7) diet plus Mo + inorganic Cu + inorganic S; 8) diet plus Mo + inorganic Cu + organic S; 9) diet plus Mo + organic Cu + inorganic S; 10) diet plus organic Cu + organic S. According each treatment was added 10mg kg-1 MS inorganic or organic Cu or 10mg kg-1 MS Mo or 0.2% S inorganic or organic. The animals were fed twice a day, a total of 3% of body weight. The experiment lasted 84 days, blood was sampled every 28 days to study glucose, urea, albumin, cholesterol and triglycerides. The parameters were analyzed with factorial structure 2 x 2 x 2 (with and without Mo, organic and inorganic Cu and organic and inorganic S) and a basal diet and a basal diet plus Mo, with 5% significance. Serum levels of glucose, urea, albumin and cholesterol showed no significant difference between treatment and time (p> 0.05). It observed means of 64.8mg dl- 1; 30.0mg dl -1; 2.78mg L -1; 72.2mg dl- 1 respectively for glucose, urea, albumin and cholesterol. Serum levels of triglycerides in the treatments (28.8; 34.8; 30.8; 36.9; 34.3; 27.0; 31.6; 32.1; 34.6; 31.1mg dl- 1) were influenced by interaction Cu x S, triglycerides decreased with Cu and S organic.

Index Terms:
Copper; sulphur; mineral supplementation; glucose; albumin; cholesterol; triglyceride

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