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Cerebrospinal fluid analysis of the howler monkey (Alouatta guariba)

This survey was conducted with the objective of developing and adapting diagnostic techniques in neurology for non-human primates, of the species Alouatta guariba Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812 (howler monkey) healthy and kept in captivity. Physical-chemical analyses were carried out in cerebrospinal fluid and its pressure measurement in the cisterna magna. Eight animals were used for the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid. In all procedures, were used chemical restraint and anesthesia with ketamine, xylazine and association of midazolam and inhalational anesthesia with isoflurane for carrying out the spinal tap. The cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed average values: protein: 16.92±9.84; glucose: 131.25mg/dL±106.7; pH: 8.37±0.69; nucleated cells: 0.5/mm³±0.75; red blood cells: 49.37/mm³±111.76 and CSF cisternal pressure: 7.37cm H2O±1.77. This study demonstrated the safety and efficacy of cerebrospinal fluid collection in the cisterna magna of Alouatta guariba, and the reference values for the specie.

Alouatta guariba; howler monkey; cerebrospinal fluid

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