Happiness at work: relations with organizational support and social support

Tatiane Paschoal Cláudio V Torres Juliana Barreiros Porto About the authors

The objective of the present study was to test the impact of organizational and social support on well-being at work. To achieve this, the well-being construct included the concepts of affect, accomplishment experience and work-related personal experience. A total of 403 employees of a public organization in the Brazilian Federal District responded to the Work Well-Being Scale, and to the Perceived Organizational Support Scale. The former evaluates the positive and negative emotions towards at work, as well as the personal accomplishment at work. The latter includes a social support factor and four other factors relating to organizational support: performance management, workload, material support, and work growth, promotion and salary. Data were analyzed with the use of multiple regression, and the results indicated that organizational support and social support have a direct impact on well-being. Performance management was the main predictor for positive affect, and for accomplishment at work. Workload was the main predictor of negative work affect. The implications and limitations of the study are discussed.

work well-being; affect at work; eudaimonia; organizational support

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