Confiança e desenvolvimento de capital intelectual: o que os empregados esperam de seus líderes?

Maria Luísa Mendes Teixeira Silvio Popadiuk About the authors

It has been demonstrated the importance of the trust in the construction of the intellectual capital. This study highlights the perspective of the interdependent trust management, discussing the role of the employees' expectations about the leaders behavior that shows them they are involved on trust relationships. A descriptive research was conducted using a structured questionnaire. A six-point Likert typology scale was used. The data were treated with simple descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis. The random sample consisted of 331 students of master degree course of business administration. The results evidenced that the employees monitor three dimensions of their leaders trust behavior: respect, honesty and credit on the employees. This indicate that the management of trust admits an interdependent perspective, and that this should be taken in consideration to promote conditions for the development of the intellectual capital as a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

trust; intellectual capital; relationship; leaders behavior

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