Tecnologias de informação móveis, sem fio e ubíquas: definições, estado-da-arte e oportunidades de pesquisa

Amarolinda Zanela Saccol Nicolau Reinhard About the authors

Mobile, Wireless and Ubiquitous Information Technologies are main issues been discussed in the Information System area nowadays, both in the academic and business realms. The emerging applications of these technologies have brought a lot of questions about their design, ways of adoption, adaptation and consequences of use. However, due to the fact that they are very recent technologies, there is a conceptual confusion about terminologies such as: Mobile Technologies, Wireless Technologies and Ubiquitous Technologies, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Business. These terminologies are widely used in the business market and in academic research without a clear definition of their meaning. Considering this issue, this article attempts to map the State-of-Art of research about Mobile, Wireless and Ubiquitous Information Technologies, as well as it identifies some gaps of knowledge, indicating some research opportunities. To reach that goal, the article presents a Survey over the current literature. The results reveal that the research about Mobile, Wireless and Ubiquitous Technologies is in a very initial stage, with a lot of possibilities for future research.

mobile information technology; wireless information technology; ubiquitous computing; information systems research; mobile business

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