Technology X skill: impacts on the health-care field

This text is a result of a search carried out in the health's units of Curitiba, in 2001, involving doctors, nurses and health's assistants. The objective of this text is to analyse the impacts of informational technology over the specific qualification of health's professionals. Based in a descriptive-qualitative research, interviews, Likert form Scale, the analysis of data demonstrates that the approach of the informational system to the health's system turns precarious the work as a whole, loosing in quality and solution. The work is directly affected by the machine and tends to weak the professional obligating him to be familiarized with an unfamiliar instrument to his own work. The text allows, conducted by the dialectic strategy used, to dislocate the concept of qualification from an instrumental dominion to a substantive dominion.

Qualification; Work Relationship; Informational Techonology; Impacts of technology; Precariousness of work

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