Cisplatin ototoxicity: series of cases

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinic and audiometric evolution of individuals who underwent chemotherapy with cisplatin. METHODS: Four volunteers, all women, between 38 and 69 years of age were descriptively evaluated. All did otorino-laryngoiatric exam and audiometric evaluation with tonal and speech audiometric and impedance tests before and after treatment with cisplatin. In addition, all were subjectively evaluated pre- and post-chemotherapy by a questionnaire. RESULTS: One volunteer did not present auditory disorders. Three volunteers presented bilateral hearing loss, mild to moderate in 6kHz and 8kHz frequencies, after chemotherapy with cisplatin. All volunteers who developed hearing loss after treatment also presented tinnitus. CONCLUSION: Since cisplatin is considered ototoxic, all individuals undergoing chemotherapy with this drug must be submitted to audiometric monitoring for early diagnosis of a hearing loss.

Audiometry; Hearing; Cisplatin

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