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Female breast cancer mortality in Brazil and its regions

Câncer de mama feminino: análise da mortalidade no Brasil e regiões

Ana Claudia Garabeli Cavalli Kluthcovsky Thaisa Nogueira Palozi Faria Fabio Henrique Carneiro Robson Strona About the authors


to analyze female breast cancer mortality trends in Brazil and its regions.


female breast cancer mortality in Brazil and its regions was analyzed using mortality data from the Ministry of Health's Mortality Information System and the National Cancer Institute between 1991 and 2010. The variables analyzed were. proportional mortality from female breast cancer in relation to total deaths in women, mortality rates of the five primary locations of the neoplasms most common in women, and mortality rates for female breast cancer: Linear regression models were estimated to analyze mortality trends:


a growth in proportional mortality due to female breast cancer in Brazil and its regions was observed: In relation to the mortality rates for the five primary types of cancer, breast cancer persisted in first place in Brazil and its regions, except the North region, where cervical cancer was the most frequent: Rising female breast cancer mortality rates were observed for Brazil (p = 0.017), Northeastern (p < 0.001), North (p < 0.001) and the Mid-West (p = 0.001), regions, and declining rates for the Southeast region (p = 0.047), and stable rates for the South region.


the results emphasize the importance of the disease in terms of public health in the country, reinforcing the need for early detection and appropriate treatment.

breast neoplasms; mortality; trends; epidemiological studies

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