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Depression in the workplace: screening and treatment

José Domingos Neto Eduardo Myung Guilherme Murta Anielle Vieira Paulo Rogério Lima Leandro Araújo Lessa Wanderley M. Bernardo About the authors

Question: What evaluation is needed for better diagnosis and planning of patients with complex renal lithiasis who must be submitted to surgical treatment, such as percutaneous kidney lithotripsy?

Answer: Screening for depression in workers is recommended because of its high prevalence and underdiagnoses in the workplace. There is evidence that depression in workers has a relevant impact on occupational indicators and on the generation of comorbidities. Therefore, its early diagnosis and identification is recommended, as well as specific interventions, including actions on risk factors for depression at work. Thus, screening for depression needs to be followed by diagnostic confirmation and pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic measures, with the benefit and safety being verified in occupational outcomes such as presenteeism, absenteeism, prolonged leaves, work accident, commute accident, activity restriction, perception of health and adverse events for patients.


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    Neto JD, Myung E, Murta G, Vieira A, Lima PR, Lessa LA,. Bernardo WM. Depression in the workplace: screening and treatment. Rev Assoc Med Bras 2019;65(3);295-315

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    27 Feb 2020
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