Homeopathy: coadjutant medical practice

Considering that in the homeopathic conception, the binomial health-disease encompasses several aspects of human individuality, choice of the medication should include the patient's psychic, emotional, general and physical characteristics. In this process of "individualization of medication", understanding the human complexity demands time and dedication to finding the satisfactory reply after a variable number of attempts. Acting as coadjutant to other medical practices, the homeopath should be aware that he may only interrupt administration of the allopathic drugs necessary for maintenance of the patient's integrity when he is assured of the substitutive action of the homoeopathic medication chosen. This way, the Hippocratic aphorism primo non nocere will be fulfilled.

Homeopathy; Diagnosis Constitutional; Diagnosis Medicamentous; Simillimum; Therapeutics; Bioethics

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