Factors associated with burnout syndrome in medical residents of a university hospital

Fatores associados à síndrome de burnout em médicos residentes de um hospital universitário

Pedro Alves da Cruz Gouveia Maria Hosana Chaves Ribeiro Neta Carlos Alberto de Moura Aschoff Doris Pires Gomes Nadine Anita Fonseca da Silva Helton Alexsandro Firmino Cavalcanti About the authors



To determine the prevalence of burnout syndrome among resident physicians of various specialties and to evaluate associated factors.


The Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaire and a sociodemographic questionnaire were used to evaluate factors associated with the syndrome. Burnout was defined as the association of high emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low professional achievement. Multivariate analysis was performed after adjustment of the Poisson model with the identification of risk factors and calculation of prevalence ratios (PR). Of the 250 resident physicians registered with Hospital das Clínicas of Pernambuco, 129 participated in the study.


In the three domains that characterize burnout syndrome, we found a low level of professional achievement in 94.6% of resident physicians interviewed, a high level of depersonalization in 31.8%, and 59.7% with a high level of emotional exhaustion. The prevalence of burnout was 27.9%. Having suffered a stressful event in the last six months (PR: 8.10; 95CI 1.2-57.2) and being a student of surgical specialty (PR: 1.99; 95CI 1.2-3.3) were independently associated with burnout.


The prevalence of burnout found in resident physicians is in accordance with previous Brazilian studies. Residents of surgical specialties and those who suffered some stressful event were identified as susceptible in this study. The early identification of risk factors is fundamental for the implementation of preventive measures against burnout syndrome.

burnout; medical residency; medical education

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