Analysis of public policies: between modeling and reality of Brazilian housing policy

Paulo Nascimento Neto Tomás Antonio Moreira Carlos Hardt Zulma Schussel About the authors

Challenges seen in the implementation of public policies in Brazil have fostered a series of debates, among which we highlight the ones related to the theoretical models of policy analysis and their limitations in face of a polycentric and fractal perspective of public policies. Starting from a specific thematic policy (social housing), this paper sustains a critical point of view about mono-disciplinary studies. However, one cannot deny the complexity of this task. In fact, understand the advances of Brazilian social housing in the last decade, in a multi-disciplinary and integrated way, is a challenge. With the objective to advance in this area, this paper aims to evaluate theoretical models of public policies and, from these elements, propose constructs to support future theoretical models to investigate social housing policy in Brazil.

analysis of public policies; theoretical models; housing policy

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