Women's defense police station towards the rules and laws for combating violence against women: a case study

This study analyzes the operation of a Specialized Police Station for Women (DEAM) in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, considering its staff and infrastructure. Data were obtained through field observations and individual interviews with the 14 employees at the police station, analyzed on the basis of the proposals of the "Technical Guidelines for the Standardization of DEAMs" and according to information from the report "Observe - On the conditions for applying the Law 11,340/2006 (Maria da Penha Law) at DEAMs". There was cohesion between the participants' answers, who highlighted: loss in their activities due to lack of staff; good relationship between team members; and demand for training of professionals and for psychosocial staff at DEAM. Regarding the police station, remarks were made to the precarious physical structure of the building and equipment (police cars, computers), as well as to the lack of support from the Civil Police to DEAM. We stress the importance to invest in infrastructure, in staff increase and training, as well as in deploying the triad prevention/assistance/repression, usually ignored by the State and responsible agencies.

police officer; Deam; violence against women; Maria da Penha Law

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