External laryngocele: sonographic appearance - a case report

Marco da Cunha Pinho Publio César Viana Mauricio Omokawa Cezar Simões Eloisa M.M. Santiago Gebrim Giovanni Guido Cerri Maria Cristina Chammas About the authors

Laryngoceles are fairly unusual diseases defined as anomalous saccular dilatation of the laryngeal ventricles. The usual classification divides laryngoceles into internal, external and mixed types. Internal laryngoceles are those located medially to the thyrohyoid membrane and usually compress the false vocal cords causing hoarseness or airway obstructive symptoms. External laryngoceles extend through the thyrohyoid membrane, presenting as cervical masses; and mixed laryngoceles present both the internal and external components with their respective symptoms. Diagnosis is usually defined by computed tomography and/or laryngoscopy. This is a report of a case of mixed laryngocele diagnosed by ultrasonography in a patient referred for investigation with a history of palpable cervical mass.

Laryngocele; Cervical mass; Ultrasonography; Laryngoscopy

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