Temporomandibular joint - normal features and disc displacements: magnetic resonance imaging

Ana Carolina Araújo Ramos Viviane Almeida Sarmento Paulo Sérgio Flores Campos Maria Olívia Dias Gonzalez About the authors

Disc displacement of the temporomandibular joint has been defined as an abnormal relationship between the articular disc and the mandibular condyle, fossa and articular eminence. Disc displacements may occur without immediate interference in the function of the joint. Magnetic resonance imaging shows high diagnostic accuracy in the determination of articular disc position and has been indicated as the diagnostic method of choice for soft tissue abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint. The aim of this study is to review the literature including the normal features and different types of disc displacement of the temporomandibular joint as well as the imaging findings, emphasizing the role of magnetic resonance imaging.

Temporomandibular joint; Magnetic resonance imaging; Diagnosis

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