It is with enthusiasm that I am joining the team of the Editorial Board of Brazilian Journal of Botany (BrazJBot). A few months ago I received an invitation to take the position of Editor-in-Chief by our unforgettable friend Sonia Dietrich. Recently, a new invitation was sent forward and then I decided to join efforts with the dedicated colleagues of the Editorial Board. Many thanks are due to them for the confidence they are relying upon my cooperation to cross this phase of transition of the journal, hopefully to more fruitful and rewarding horizons. On my part, I am relying upon the experience and constant support of the Managing and Assistant Editors, publishing and electronic supervisors, as well as upon the cooperation of the Advisory Board and support from the Botanical Society of São Paulo, CNPq and Fapesp.

The present issue covers a wide diversity of botany subjects: lignin metabolism, metabolism of storage carbohydrates, proteinase activity, crown architecture and irradiance, seed physiology, physiology and ecology of algae, taxonomy of cyanobacteria, floristics of aquatic macrophytes and conservation areas.

The changes in the editorial policies now in course and the extraordinary benefit stemming from the publication of the issues through Springer Verlag starting 2013 will certainly make sure that we will enjoy a new period of internationalization of BrazJBot. This means not only the maintenance of the coverage of all aspects of Botany but also a substantial increase in the possibilities of submission of papers by researchers from a diversity of countries. The fulfillment of this aim means the crystallization of one of the dearest dreams of Sonia Dietrich, the Botanical Society of São Paulo and the Brazilian Botany community.

São Paulo, November 30, 2012

Antonio Salatino


Brazilian Journal of Botany

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