Development, structure and distribution of colleters in Mandevilla illustris and M. velutina (Apocynaceae)

Desenvolvimento, estrutura e distribuição de coléteres em Mandevilla illustris e M. velutina (Apocynaceae)

Colleters of Mandevilla illustris and M. velutina are present on the cotyledons, shoot apices, mature leaves and on the nodal region, where they are interpetiolar and intrapetiolar. In M. velutina there are two colleters on the adaxial basal part of the leaf blade, and in M. illustris, this number varies. The differentiation of the colleters occurs in the early stages of leaf development. When colleters are mature, they consist of a long head on a short stalk. The central core of the colleter is made up of parenchymatous cells that may exhibit phenolic compounds and is surrounded by radially elongated epithelial cells. The foliar and intrapetiolar colleters can exhibit vascularization. The colleters produce a translucient sticky substance that reacts positively to polysaccharides and, before senescence, they produce lipophilic substances. The Mandevilla colleters data can give support to the taxonomy and phylogeny of the Apocynaceae.

Colleters; Mandevilla; Apocynaceae; anatomy; ontogeny

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