Factors associated to mortality in adults and elderly residents in the city of Rio Claro - SP: a cohort study

Fatores associados à mortalidade de adultos e idosos residentes no município de Rio Claro - SP: um estudo de coorte

Ana Elisa Messetti Christofoletti Guilherme Stefano Goulardins Diego Orcioli-Silva Deisy Terumi Ueno Inaian Pignatti Teixeira Eduardo Kokubun Priscila Missaki Nakamura About the authors


The factors associated to mortality may be distinct in each region and identifying them can contribute to develop public policies related to health promotion and prevention. Thus, the aims of this study were verify the factors associated with mortality and the influence of physical activity on the mortality rates of adults and elderly living in the city of Rio Claro, SP. The first moment of the cohort study was conducted in 2008 and the second in 2014. Participants answered questions about socio-demographic level, level of physical activity (PA), health and eating habits variables. In the case of individuals who were not found after three attempts, neighbors and relatives were questioned about whether they had the contact with that person or if he/she had passed away. To analyze factor associated to mortality, three independent Logistic Regression models for complex samples were used (total PA; commuting PA; leisure PA), as well as the SPSS software version 21.0, considering p<0.05. The variables that were associated with mortality in the three models were: “male sex”, “elderly” and “poor/very poor health perception”. Further, individuals who spent 150 min/week of physical activity did not showed any protection against mortality when compared with those who did not achieve the recommendation. These results can guide public policies, mainly, to the health of the elderly, people with poor health perception and men.

Key words
Adults; Aged; Brazil; Mortality

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