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Uses of anthropophagy: kaleidoscopic cannibalism


The present article has two main intentions: first, to show, against a significant part of the bibliography, that it was not only the tropicalists who would have updated the anthropophagic legacy and, secondly, the best way to map the anthropophagic legacy would be from the notion of use and not of heredity or continuity. In view of this, we suggest that: (a) the notion of use would be the best way to study this intellectual history; (b) the different uses are conditioned by different political, material and ideological influences, which leads to the stimulation or not of certain aspects of their production and (c) six are some of the uses we have mapped. Another underlying idea of our work is that anthropophagy is systematically revisited for formalizing decisive elements (and effects) of colonization in Brazil.

Key words:
political and social theory; Brazilian political and social thought; modern and contemporary Brazilian art; Oswald de Andrade; anthropophagy

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