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Geography in the context of the social sciences in Pernambuco

In this unpublished paper Manuel Correia de Andrade presents a historical tracing on the transforming process in the field of geography in Brazil, dealing especially with the state of Pernambuco. The author tries to delimitate both in space and time what geography would be, as well as its relations with the various natural and social sciences that are close to or interpenetrated within. He analyzes, then, the commencements of such process in the beginning of the twentieth century with studies, not always considered geographical, passing through crucial moments such as the foundation of the Brazilian Association of Geographers in the 1930s, the flourishing of the field in the 1950s, and the impact of the military coup d’état of 1964 in the area of geographic studies.

Brazilian geography; Geography in Pernambuco; Bibliography; History

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