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Analysis of a blended experience on Physics 1 teaching

This paper presents an analysis of the students’ perception of a blended learning experience, designed, and applied in the basic disciplines of Physics 1 of 18 different courses at the University of Brasilia. An opinion survey, using a Likert-type scale, was designed, and used to assess the students’ agreement degree with affirmative propositions related to the organization, learning potential, and quality of the evaluation system. The results showed good agreement with the presented propositions, and the importance of the positive role of the online forums in the learning process by promote student-student and student-monitor dialogic interaction. However, it also pointed out some needs, such as (a) interventions that can stimulate the inclusion of less proficient students; (b) activities that can influence this students on developing learning motivation; and (c) reflections on the rules of formative and summative assessments, transforming their punitive aspect into a mediation form in the composition of students’ final grades.

Blended learning; online forums; peer instruction; Likert-type scale

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