Training and research in health: a report on an experience in a primary care unit in Belo Horizonte

Amanda Elias Arruda Cari na Souza Viegas Cláudia Regina Lindgren Alves Magda Zanon Cândido Goulart Maria Gilma Pimenta Nunes Jaciara Lagazeta Garcia Ana Cecília de Assunção Borges Fabiana Moraes Moreira Flávia Carolina Melges de Morais Lídia Lourenço Cunha Bragança Milene Regina Mota Santa Bárbara Natália Cristina Passos Pereira About the authors

The Brazilian Ministries of Health and Education established the Educational Program for Health Work (PET-Saúde) as part of a set of public policy reformulations and interventions in training processes. This article reports on the work conducted by a Primary Healthcare Unit in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, from March 2009 to March 2010, with a focus on child development, aimed on reflecting on the program's contributions as an educational resource to improve teaching in Primary Care. The work consisted of an exploratory phase, pilot study, data collection, analysis of results, participation in scientific events, drafting of articles, training groups, and monitoring of the work routine by the unit's team. The program spawned experiences in a new teaching and learning scenario that has contributed to restructuring the undergraduate course curriculum and strengthening the relationship between the health service and teaching. We experienced health surveillance practices that were rich in interdisciplinary dialogue and numerous training possibilities in Primary Care.

primary health care; education, public health professional; higher education policy

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