Evaluation of faculty resistance to proposals for renovation in undergraduate medical curriculum

Joaquim Edson Vieira Márcia Rodrigues Garcia Tamousauskas About the authors

The perception of the learning environment identifies some aspects of medical education that can direct the efforts of curriculum renewal. This paper presents results of evaluations carried out by medical teachers and instructors from medical courses in times of renewal. The curricular needs were investigated by means of workshops that worked with five questions presented sequentially. The first item asked for a descriprion of a goal of improvement. In the second, the participant considered which actions prevent him/her from achieving the desired goal. The third worked with defense mechanisms, also known as competing commitments, that represent concerns that the participants want to avoid. On the fourth item, he/she is asked to reflect upon these competing commitments and to relate them to assumptions that may represent, in fact, a personal fear. The total number of participants was estimated as 150 teachers, 10 instructors and 10 graduate students (Masters or Doctoral). Results showed as deficiencies the expensive technologies, the content primacy, fear of burning out or loss of autonomy, underuse of time, an unstimulating education and the unpreparedness to use teaching strategies associated with poor integration of content and practical skills as well as disregard for feedback as strategy. The poor employment of time and medical literature in addition to the lack of resources cause disinterest and devaluation of education. The identification of resistance to change brings about a reflection which may facilitate overcoming these difficulties.

Self-assessment; Education, Professional; Curriculum; Educação Médica Education, Medical, Undergraduate

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