Analysis of Calliphoridae (Diptera) fauna in Reserva Biológica do Tinguá, Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro

The present study investigates the calliphorid fauna in the Biological Reserve of Tinguá using faunistic indices. Monthly samplings were carried out using traps containing sardines that were exposed for 48 hours at the sites: A, at the border of the forest; B, 1,000 m towards the interior of the forest; and C, 500 m towards the interior of the forest. The objective was to study the Calliphoridae fauna in forest environments using faunal indices. During the course of the experiment, 26 calliphorid species were collected. The species Singletons, Doubletons, Uniques, Duplicates, intermediate and common were defined. Richness and richness estimation (estimators Chao 1 and 2, Jackknife 1 and 2, Ace, Ice and Bootstrap), diversity (Shannon-Wiener index), evenness (Pielou's index), and similarity of the sites (using the Sorensen coefficient and the Southwood percent similarity) were calculated. Sites A and B had the same number of species of Calliphoridae (23), representing a greater richness than site C (16). The sites differed only in their rare, intermediate and common species composition. The greatest number of intermediate species was found at A. At B, the numbers of rare, intermediate and common species were similar. At C, there were fewer rare species than intermediate and common ones. Jackknife 2 at site B produced a higher value, however, indicating that it was possible to collect five other species in the reserve and three more species at A and C. Diversity was greatest at B, but evenness was similar at the sites. B and C showed a greater level of similarity in species composition (dendogram); L. nigripes and Mesembrinella bellardiana, which are the most important species at these two sites, appeared grouped together. Chrysomya albiceps, Chrysomya megacephala and Hemilucilia semidiaphana, the main species at Site A, also appear together.

Blow fly; diversity; evenness; variety

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