Taxonomy, cladistics analysis and description of a new species of Palpibracus Rondani (Diptera, Muscidae)

Elaine Della Giustina Soares Claudio José Barros de Carvalho About the authors

Palpibracus Rondani is a Muscidae genus with 16 species, including P. darwini sp. nov. described from male specimens from Concepción, Chile. A cladistic analysis was performed based on 31 adult morphological characters and using 12 species as outgroup. This analysis shows Palpibracus as a monophyletic genus whose sister-group is Brachygasterina Malloch. The relationship among Palpibracus species was: (P. veneris ((P. albuquerquei (P. peruvianus, P. trivittatus)) (P. fasciculatus, P. nigriventris)) ((P. spicatus, P. uvivittatus) (P. lancifer (P. darwini sp. nov. (P. chilensis, P. confusus (P. pilosus (P. similis (P. separatus, P. carvalhoi)))))))). Palpibracus apicalis Malloch was placed tentatively in Psilochaeta Stein. A key to species of Palpibracus is also provided.

Key to species; phylogenetic analysis; systematics

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