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The Cutthroat Colonel's Horn: an aesthetic-political action


This article considers an aesthetic-political action: namely, an intervention of activists directed at the painted portrait of a bloodthirsty historical figure. Considering the inexorably aesthetic dimension of politics, this work articulates the constitution of socius and ethos according to Deleuze and Guattari with a singular reading of the concept of Duchamp's readymade. Thus, the article arrives at the conception of an effect of art. This theoretical base allows us to consider the specific political action that serves as the theme of the text as an example of the effect of art. This consideration occurs both within the context of an identification between artistic/cultural patrimony and the State, but also in the aesthetic-political resistances of a city submitted to the violent processes of gentrification.

Aesthetic-Political Action; Socius and Ethos; The Effect of Art; City; Aesthetics of Power and Resistance

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