Moral and Civic Education at the Grupo Escolar Dom Benevides in Mariana/MG (1969-1975)

Rosana Areal Carvalho Fernanda Aparecida Oliveira Rodrigues Raquel Jesus Evangelista About the authors


This research outlines the presence and practices of the school subject Moral and Civic Education (EMC) in the Elementary School Dom Benevides, at Mariana/Minas Gerais (MG), as put forward by the 1969 legal document Decreto-Lei nº 869. Whilst outlining the education during the civil-military dictatorship period, it was explored the legal trajectory followed in the inclusion of EMC as a compulsory subject for elementary and middle school. The focus was placed on documents in the technical acquis of Dom Benevides School, particularly on the Teacher’s Minutes Book (1970-1975). In it, there are records of educational practices, school daily activities and actions prevented by school management about the course. The source of information chosen herein allowed the identification of processes and difficulties in the implementation of this subject; considering, on the one hand, the legal proposal and, on the other hand, school restrictions, such as the (dis)satisfaction of local teachers when faced with yet another task, which results in either resignation or opposition. It was concluded that enforcing the EMC subject, as imposed by law, happened side-by-side with the celebration of civic dates that invaded school limits, which caused civism and patriotism to reach local citizens. Research results increase institutional particularities developed between institution members and their local society.

education in brazilian military Government; Dom Benevides Elementary School; Moral and Civic Education.

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