Situation of the municipalities of São Paulo state in relation to the purchase of products directly from family farms for the National School Feeding Program (PNAE)

Betzabeth Slater Villar Flavia Schwartzman Bruna Lourenço Januario Jamile Fernandes Ramos


In 2009, Law 11,947 was passed, which provides for the care of school meals and consolidates the linkage of family farming with the National School Feeding Program (PNAE), by stipulating that at least 30% of the total financial resources granted by the Federal Government to the states and municipalities should be used for the acquisition of food directly from family farmers and rural entrepreneurs family or their organizations.


To characterize the situation of the municipalities of São Paulo state in relation to the acquisition of products directly from family farmers after approval of Law 11,947.


The diagnosis was carried out in the months of June to August 2011 by institutions linked to the Intersectoral School Feeding State Commission (CEIA). For the survey, a questionnaire was used and telephone interviews were conducted with representatives of the 645 municipal districts.


It was possible to obtain the following information for a total of 613 municipalities: 47% (288) had already made local purchases at least once in all its stages. Of the 325 municipalities that do not conducted the process at all stages, 57% had not published a public call; 37% published but had not signed the purchase contract; 2% published a call, signed the contract but had not received the products; and 4% published at least one call, received the products but had not yet paid the farmers.


The results show that approximately 50% of the municipalities evaluated are in a positive situation in relation to the local procurement for PNAE. However, the number of municipalities that did not publish the public call or not signed the contract is still important and deserves attention of the sectors involved.

PNAE; School feeding; Local development; Family farming; Public policy; Public call

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