Underreporting of accidents with venomous animals registered by SINAN in the State of Rio de Janeiro from 2001 to 2005

Judith Tiomny Fiszon Rosany Bochner About the authors

This article has the objective of determining if the Disease Reporting Information System (SINAN) of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is adequate enough to do without corresponding information systems directed to serum distribution control, essential to provide care to victims of venomous animals. With this purpose, we compared data of accidents caused by snakes, spiders and scorpions reported to the State Health Department of Rio de Janeiro and those registered in the SINAN from 2001 to 2005. We found an increase in the number of cases reported to SINAN and disagreements in data from municipalities and regions of the State. More specifically, we noticed high underreporting of snake accidents in the SINAN. This paper addresses the implications of these results for studies and research, as well as for planning and management of healthcare services and serum distribution. The conclusion is that it is not possible to rule out data from the Rio de Janeiro State Health Department for the time being.

Serum distribution; Snakes; Spiders; Scorpions

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