The increase in domestic violence during the social isolation: what does it reveals?

Pâmela Rocha Vieira Leila Posenato Garcia Ethel Leonor Noia Maciel About the authors


The social isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic brings out, in a empowered way, some worrying indicators about domestic violence and family violence against women. Organizations addressing domestic violence have already seen an increase in domestic violence due to forced coexistence, economic stress and fears about the Coronavirus. The article seeks to establish some relations between social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in violence against women, taking into account the context of a patriarchal society. Data, still incipient, published by the press of several countries were analyzed, as well as reports from international organizations and organizations focused on combating domestic violence. In parallel, a brief literature review with authors who discuss the social role of women in society.

Coronavirus; Social isolation; Domestic violence; Violence against women

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