Production and quality attributes of macadamia treecultivars in the southwest of Säo Paulo state

The macadamia cultivation presents itself as an important alternative for fruit growers in Säo Paulo, mainly because of its rusticity and the value reached by their fruits. however, studies related to their development and their production is essential for the correct cultivar's choice. in order to characterize the development and fruit production trees for different macadamia cultivars in the southwest of Säo Paulo state, experiments were carried out in dois córregos city, in cycle's production 2009/10 and 2010/11, for evaluation of phonologic cycle HAES-344 cultivar and production, physical characteristics and fatty acids of the oil extracted from HAES-344, HAES-660, IAC 1-21, HAES-816, IAC 4-20, IAC Campinas-B, Aloha and IAC 4-12 B macadamia cultivars. The swelling of buds between May and June, the anthesis between July and august and fruit drop between February and March. HAES-344, IAC 1-21 and IAC 4-12 B cultivars had the higher production. The HAES-816 cultivar presented the highest nut and almond values for the diameter and for the almond weight. For the kernel recovery (KR), the best results were obtained with HAES-344, HAES-660 and Aloha cultivars. HAES-660 (68,48%), IAC 4-20 (66,88%) and IAC 1-21 (66,76%) cultivars had the highest percentages of oil. all cultivars showed in their composition palmitoleic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids.

Macadamia integrifolia; almond; selection of cultivars; production

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