Nutrient concentration in reproductive branches of persimmon

Hideaki Wilson Takahashi Ricardo Shigueru Okumura Alexandre Takahashi About the authors

The studies of mineral nutrition of persimmon in Brazil, at a systematized form, are inexistent and quite scarce, but studies can be found in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. This work had the objective to study the mineral nutrition of persimmon, cv. Giombo, focusing on the variation of macronutrients concentration during the development stages of the organs that compose the reproductive branches. The experiment was conducted in a commercial orchard of persimmon, cv. Giombo, located in Faxinal, Paraná state, Brazil. The foliar levels of macronutrients, in the recommended phenological stage to evaluate the nutritional status, were similar to Australia and Japan and contained 20.30, 1.25, 30.55, 23.45, 3.05 and 3.85 g kg-1 of dry weight for N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S, respectively.

nutrients concentration; persimmon; vegetative stage

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