Advances in Coconut palm propagation

Avanços na propagação do coqueiro

Ana da Silva Lédo Edson Eduardo Melo Passos Humberto Rolemberg Fontes Joana Maria Santos Ferreira Viviane Talamini Wagner A. Vendrame About the authors


Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera L.) is one of the most important tropical species used by man, known as “tree of life”. In recent decades, with the expansion of coconut growing areas, limitations such as the occurrence of pests, uniformity of crops, adaptation to different ecosystems and others have affected the production and longevity of coconut trees. This review describes the major advances in propagation techniques of coconut palm, conventionally, by seeds and through plant tissue culture techniques from the mid-twentieth century onwards, as well as phytosanitary aspects that should be considered to mitigate the spread of pests and diseases.

Index terms
Cocos nucifera; seedling; micropropagation and diseases

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